What We Learned From Week 5 Of High School Football Season

If the 2022 regular season was a gridiron, we’d be walking midfield.

Week 5 is right in the middle of the program. But that’s behind us now. And there’s not much time to look back.

Here’s what we learned this week in the Blue Water zone.

Don’t count Armada out of BWAC title contention just yet

Armada's Lucas Pratt lines up under center in a game earlier this season.  The Tigers beat Almont 14-10 on Friday to improve to 3-1 in conference.

The Tigers kept their conference championship hopes alive with a 14-10 win over Almont. Running back Zac Dykes finished with two rushing touchdowns as Armada improved to 4-1 overall and 3-1 in the league. Additionally, the result virtually eliminated Almont (3-2) from the race with its second conference loss.

Going into Week 6, the top of the BWAC standings looks like this – 1. (tie) Croswell-Lexington 5-0 (3-0), 1. (tie) North Branch 5-0 (3-0), 3 Armada 4-1 (3-1). The Tigers will likely have to win to have a shot at the title. Remember, they already lost to the Pioneers 34-12 on Sept. 10 and will host the Broncos on Friday.

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