When fans can watch Grizzly football practices from Monday

With temperatures expected in the mid to high 90s this coming week, you’re playing a little fast and loose with the term “fall camp.”

But, according to the NCAA, the number of days is limited and fan excitement and anticipation is in high gear. So you University of Montana Grizzly football fans will want to know when you can get out there and sweat it out next to the guys on the practice field!

Image courtesy of U of Montana Athletics

Image courtesy of U of Montana Athletics

With the media and members of the Big Sky Conference branding them preseason favorites, the Griz carry the added weight of expectation into fall camp starting this Monday, August 8. UM director of sports information Eric Taber reports that Monday is officially the first of 18 days of pre-season training leading up to the 2022 season opener, a home game against United. North West State of the Southland Conference.

Players will show up Friday for a few days of meet-and-greets, gear tweaks and tours, no doubt eager to get out and bump a little, despite the scorching heat. Then, practice will begin on Monday at Dornblaser Field at UM’s South Campus Stadium complex.

Practices should start at 2:30 p.m. each afternoon. The first 11 of these 18 practices are open to the public, and all practices remain open to members of the Griz Quarterback Club.

Unless extreme heat changes the schedule for certain evenings, here is the schedule:

Friday 8/5 Player report
Monday 8/8 Practice 1 2:30 PM
Tuesday 8/9 Practice 2 2:30 PM
Wednesday 8/10 Practice 3 2:30 PM
Thursday 8/11 Practice 4 2:30 PM
Friday 8/12 Practice 5 2:30 PM
Saturday 8/13 Practice 6 2:30 PM
Sunday 8/14 DAY OFF
Monday 8/15 Practice 7 2:30 PM
Tuesday 8/16 Practice 8 2:30 PM
Wednesday 8/17 Practice 9 2:30 PM
Thursday 8/18 Practice 10 2:30 PM
Friday 8/19 Practice 11 2:30 PM
Saturday 8/20 Practice 12 FIRM
Sunday 08/21 DAY OFF
Monday 8/22 Practice 13 FIRM
Tuesday 8/23 Practice 14 FIRM
Wednesday 8/24 Practice 15 FIRM
Thursday 8/25 Practice 16 FIRM
Friday 8/26 Practice 17 FIRM
Saturday 8/27 Practice 18 FIRM
Sunday 8/28 DAY OFF
Monday 08/29 Press conference 2 p.m.
Tuesday 8/30 In season 3h30
Wednesday 8/31 In season 3h30
Thursday 9/1 In season FIRM
Friday 9/2 In season FIRM
Saturday 9/3 Montana vs. Northwestern State

Once again this season, yours truly and Griz receiving the great Scott Gurnsey will host the two-hour pregame broadcast on the Grizzly Sports Network. Pregame shows for home games are on stage in the Grizzly Scholarship Association tailgate area, across Campus Drive from the north end of Washington-Grizzly Stadium. We invite all hookers to come and say hello!

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