Will Terry McLaurin be a tier 1 fantasy football receiver?

There’s nothing quite like the fantasy football offseason. All the preparation on who to write. Read countless articles on a variety of different fantasy football tips. One of the most important concepts in fantasy football is finding sleepers. Fantasy football players have spent an awful lot of time trying to find these underrated players. So the question remains. Will Terry McLaurin be a Tier 1 fantasy football receiver by the end of the season?

McLaurin finally has a consistent quarterback

Whether Wentz is considered a consistent quarterback is a topic for another day. However, for the first time in his NFL career, McLaurin will have a “consistent” quarterback. Carson Wentz will take the reins of the attack, and Washington hopes to mount a powerful attack.

Washington never fully committed to Taylor Heinicke last season, so the offense seemed sporadic. As the 2022 season approaches, fans are still arguing over Heinicke’s debut. However, Washington has invested a lot of assets and space in Wentz, so Wentz will throw the ball to Terry McLaurin.

Will adding Wentz increase the value of Terry McLaurin’s fantasy football?

Wentz and Michael Pittman Jr had a great statistical year in 2021

Indianapolis Colt wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr had a breakthrough year in 2021. Pittman Jr finished with 1,082 receiving yards and six touchdowns. In 2020, before Wentz arrived, he finished with just 503 receiving yards and one touchdown.

Pittman Jr has played four fewer games in 2020, but the effect Wentz has had on the young wide receiver is evident. Additionally, Pittman Jr finished in the top 20 in fantasy football for wide receivers in 2021 (16th), while McLaurin finished outside the top 20 (24th).

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Additionally, the Colts had a run-first pattern, and yet Pittman had a fantastic statistical year. Washington has shown its commitment to wanting to spread the ball more in 2022, so Wentz and McLaurin have shown they can have plenty of opportunities for big numbers.

Terry McLaurin should have more freedom in 2022

The freedom that Terry McLaurin is expected to see in 2022 will come in many forms.

  1. McLaurin should have fewer double teams and safety assists in 2022. Washington drafted Jahan Dotson in the first round. Curtis Samuel, if he finds a way to stay healthy, will return to the field. These additions to the receiving core should free things up for McLaurin.
  2. The play calls are expected to be very different from what fans have seen over the past two years. If head coach Ron Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner have as much faith in Wentz as they publicly proclaim, then Terry should be able to have a breakout season.

What does all of this mean for Terry McLaurin’s fantasy football value?

Terry McLaurin’s current average draft position is 40 in a PPR league according to PFF. In some fantasy football leagues, McLaurin could go down in the fourth round. This could be a steal for most teams based on their previous picks.

However, if McLaurin has a breakthrough year, what will that look like? Will it be a modest breakout year like Michael Pittman Jr, or an exceptional breakout year like Cooper Kupp?

In all likelihood, it will likely be somewhere in between, and if so, McLaurin could work his way into Tier 1 fantasy football.

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