Will there be a second movie?

Carter is a South Korean action movie that has been raving fans since the release of its trailer. starring the good doctor actor Joo Won in the lead role along with Lee Sun-jae, Kim Bo-min, along with other cast members, the film was released on August 5, 2022.

The story of Carter revolves around the eponymous agent who wakes up in a motel room with no recollection of his identity or his past. The only thing he knows is the instructions given to him by a voice that leads him on a dangerous mission to rescue a girl. If he doesn’t follow orders, then he’s just waiting for this agent to die.

The Netflix synopsis read:


Carter’s Ending Explained (2022)

As the film winds towards the end, Carter Lee helps Dr. Jung, his daughter Ha-na, the female officer, and her alleged daughter Yoon-hee escape from the North Korean lab. Along the way, the female officer played by Jeong So-ri tells the doctor to help Lee recover her memories by removing the device that has blocked her memories.

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Carter's Ending Explained (2022)
CARTER Joo Won as Carter in CARTER Cr. Son Ik-chung/Netflix © 2022

Regaining his memories, he remembers that So-ri is his wife and Yoon-hee is his daughter. They were told that they could leave the country if they were successful in their mission, but the coup leader who wants to rebel against the current government will not let them go.

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The group opts to escape on the train to China as the hit man chases them, giving us some intense action and fast-paced camera work. Lee, after jumping from helicopter to helicopter and also destroying them along the way, soon reaches the head of the punch who laughs at him. He asks Lee if he really believes in the memories he just got.

Lee ignores him and jumps back onto the train where the group gathers and leaves. Yoon-hee finally opens her eyes and asks where they are going. As the scene recedes and we think it’s a happy ending for the group, the train heads for a bridge, but a sudden explosion creates a gap right in front of the engine. The movie ends there.

Carter's Ending Explained (2022)
CARTER Joo Won as Carter in CARTER Cr. Son Ik-chung/Netflix © 2022

We don’t know what will happen to the group, did they really die after the effort they put into their escape? This answer is unknown just like many others that have appeared in our heads during the movie.

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The movie started with a mystery and ended with more mysteries. While the action seen was unrealistic and underwhelming, the story made it a little better to watch.

Will there be a second movie?

With the way that Carter has ended, we can assume that there is a possibility of a sequel. However, this also depends on how well the movie performs. The movie has definitely made room for a sequel, but disappointing reviews may not allow that to happen.

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But, if there is a second part, we can hope that it will answer the many questions that have come up during this film. What happens to the group when the train has an accident?

And who is Carter? Is it really what his memories show or is it CIA agent Michael Bane? Will people be cured of the DMZ virus? Where will the group escape to this time?

There are a lot of unanswered questions and they can only be answered if the movie gets a sequel. If it gets renewed, I hope the action scenes will be better than the ones shown in this movie.

Clock Carter on Netflix.

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