your house is my obsession

Moving to the suburbs is every family’s dream because they hope to meet new neighbors, have a beautiful street where their children can play and take quiet evening walks. However, in the next series The vigilant, real estate has become a nightmare for a new family who has moved into a beautiful house. Based on the chilling 2018 The Cut article, The vigilant It is inspired by the true story of Haunting of 657 Boulevard by Reeves Wiedeman.

In 2019, Netflix acquired the rights to this creepy story and decided to present it visually to the audience. As the original incident has never been resolved, the truth and lies surrounding it differ. However, Netflix has picked up the project to depict this creepy stalker story in a seven-episode miniseries set to premiere on October 13, 2022. It recently released the full trailer for the series on its YouTube channel, and here’s a breakdown in case you’re confused about what’s going on.


A family’s dream house: although not for long

The trailer begins with a family moving into a new house as they drive through the neighborhood. Maria Broaddus (Naomi Watts), one of the protagonists, notices how calm everything seems. After arriving at the house, they try to settle in, and she soon discovers letters delivered to the mailbox. Curious to know who these letters are addressed to, she looks at them. The letter reads: “Dear new neighbor at 657 Boulevard… Let me welcome you to the neighborhood.”

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As nice as it sounds and the family hopes for sweet neighbors, they get a shocking revelation about how the person in the letter is in charge of keeping an eye on them, and the house has a history unknown to them. The family ignores the letter, thinking it’s some kind of joke, but it doesn’t end there. In the following letter, The Watcher himself quotes: “This message will not be the last, I am The Watcher. Your house is my obsession, and now you are too.”

Family problems: stalkers everywhere

After The Watcher’s letter, they receive more threatening letters thanking them for more Young Blood (implying that their children will die), causing them to drown in their misery for choosing the house. Their concern grows as they notice more unusual events, such as a boy stalking their house and a hooded man watching them from the street at night.

The next scene shows Carter Brannock (Luke David Blumm), the boy, looking at the room off the hall and a person passing by the mirror, hinting that someone else is in the house. Tension in the house mounts and the boy asks his father, Derek Broaddus (Bobby Cannavale), if he can keep the family safe. The letters keep coming in and the stalkers keep changing as if the whole neighborhood is involved in this strange phenomenon.

Family Takes Action: Would It Make a Difference?

Derek begins to feel threatened for his family’s safety and approaches the Westfield police, telling them, “We moved out of here because we want to feel safe, and the opposite is happening.” However, the police ignore his complaint saying that it is just a joke and that he is not in danger. The scene then changes to Karen Calhoun (Jennifer Coolidge), who says that she believes in Maria and advises them to sell the house. Now, this could hint at which side she’s on, or it could be a scene that’s hard to confuse in the audience’s mind, even adding the scene where she yells, “Everybody knows what’s going on in your house.”

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Later, we see a few more characters gently threatening the family, or it could just be a fight with the neighbors. In the next scene, we can sense Derek’s intention to move out of the house, but Maria convinces him by giving him a lecture on how children shouldn’t be taught to be cowards. Although it sounds like a brave decision on her part, it may turn out to be a bad thing for the family. The scene continues with Derek walking slowly towards a tape recorder as if he has no idea who played a song for him and presses the stop button as someone walks down the aisle behind him.

The following scenes are chaotic, with a host of new characters appearing and disappearing. The lady who seems to be helping Derek with therapy, the man with glasses saying, “Something’s about to happen,” and the girl with glasses yelling from the window. With all the corresponding events, the trailer cuts to the end, and then we see Derek and Maria following a place that looks identical to a tunnel. The trailer concludes with the mystery man running away from them, who could be the same person who is stalking them inside the house from the beginning. So who could this Watcher be? Or is it all a lie from the start?

The trailer gives off creepy vibes with an unusual psychological setting, making it hard to predict what will happen next. With the release date fast approaching, we’re not far from the premiere, and you can expect to unravel the mystery of 657 Boulevard very soon. The vigilant The series will soon be available to stream on Netflix.

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