You’re a Netflix GENIUS if you know a hidden trick to fix one of the app’s biggest irritants

We’ve all been there: You’re browsing Netflix and suddenly feel offended by a blaring trailer soundtrack.

The US streaming giant automatically plays content trailers as you skim through its stream to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

This tip is useful for people who watch Netflix on a laptop


This tip is useful for people who watch Netflix on a laptopCredit: Getty

But while it can help you make a selection, the feature, which is on by default, is one of Netflix’s most divisive.

amateurs regularly drink took to social media to lament their autoplay trailers, calling them annoying and unnecessary.

If you’re sick of watching them, you’re in luck: Starting in February 2020, Netflix allows you to turn off autoplay trailers.

How to turn off Netflix preview trailers on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet

First, open the Netflix app on your iOS or Android device. From the home screen, tap the profile icon or More (three horizontal lines).

Play Manage profiles and select the profile you want to edit.

Flip the switch next to Autoplay previews to turn the setting on or off. Play Done.

Now when you browse the feed on your device, trailers will no longer play automatically.

You can turn them back on by following the steps above again.

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How to turn off Netflix preview trailers on all other devices

Open Netflix in your preferred desktop browser. Click on your account icon in the top right corner.

Click “Manage Profiles” and select the profile you use. Then uncheck the box that says “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.”

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Save this change and then click on your profile again.

Trailers should automatically stop playing even if you hover over an option.

Follow the steps above if you ever want to turn the feature back on.

You’ll also see an option just above the preview feature that will allow you to turn off autoplay for the next episode.

This can be helpful if you have a bit of a problem with binge eating and are trying to watch a series slowly.

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Some versions of Netflix have settings buttons in the top right corner that can quickly turn previews on or off.

The options appear if you click on three horizontal lines that appear next to the account icon.

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